Acute Care Challenges in the Management of Severe COVID-19

Episode Summary

A panel of experts joined host Dr. Gavin Harris in discussing challenging aspects of managing severe COVID-19 infections in an acute care setting in this recording of the May 20, 2021 ECHO session. First, Dr. Jolie Gallagher presented a case of a patient treated with corticosteroids, and Dr. Mark Caridi-Scheible presented a case of a patient treated with ECMO. Then Dr. Joel Zivot presented a retrospective year in review of what has been learned about using steroids and ECMO with COVID-19. Finally, Dr. Zanthia Wiley, Dr. Lisa Daniels, and Dr. Aneesh Mehta helped to answer audience questions. RESOURCES Access the full resources from this session, including the slide deck, important links, agenda, and speaker bios, on the Emory SCDP ECHO website:

Episode Notes

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